MS. Keeton founded SJK Productions, Inc in the spring of 2006. She is the
lead Writer and Director. Susan is a New York Film Academy graduate.

Partner/Director of Photography/Producer:
Brian is the lead cinematographer/producer for SJK Productions. Also, he is
a staff writer and director. He relocated to Los Angeles after working in New
York City and Atlanta, GA.
He began his career as a fine art and fashion photographer. Along his
journey, he sought out independent filmmaking and has anchored his artistic
roots in filmmaking. He strives to make a difference in his storytelling,
combining the realms of narrative and commercialism to create an image of
professionalism mixed with artistic honesty.
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About Our Business

SJKProductions, Inc was founded in April 2006 as an independent film and commercial  
production company.  We produce innovative  Thriller, Drama, and Comedy independent films
as well as high concept commercials
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