SJK Productions
SJK Productions Inc.

We are an independent production company focusing on developing feature films and TV series. We look for a variety of
genres and interesting projects to create and develop in-house and collaborate with outside co-productions.
Additionally, we develop high concept commercials and webisodes.
Featured Projects:
Cinematographer / Camera Operator Reels
Separate Tribe - Award Winning Short Film
A Raccoon Story Webisode Series
Producers Guild of America Diversity
Program- Susan  Keeton was selected to
participant in the 2011 program. Sue is in
development on a one hour TV Drama.
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latest comedy film, "Don't Touch That".
Currently in development.        
We are currently in development  with our first comic book / graphic novel!
(Here's a hint, it's a Supernatural Crime Drama...). Please 'like' our
Facebook page.